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Located right at the center of Saigon, on the green street with a lot of trees in crowded and funky district 03, KHANH GIA APARTMENT looks luxury but airy with the 7-floor buildings and the spacious yard. Different from the hotel services, KHANH GIA APARTMENT service brings the customers the friendliness and safety, just like your houses.

True to the name Apartment - Utility apartment looks like high-end apartments, with 24-hour security team and modern equipment in each apartment, KHANH GIA APARTMENT makes both short-lived and long-term customers feel familiar and secure.

Additional services such as gym, or infinity pool located on the rooftop will bring a relaxing experience for residents at the apartment after a hard working day, in addition, when guests have needs of holding the grill or BBQ parties, we also offer tables, chairs and a dedicated oven to be used at the pool area.

To ensure the best experiences, KHANH GIA APARTMENT always provides a separate tidying and cleaning team, a professional maintenance and repair team, and a full-time security team, who are always ready to support when needed.

It’s very convenient to move and pick up the car from KHANH GIA APARTMENT to the center of District 01, District 05 or District 10, or even move to the airport, or entertainment venues, busy commercial centers as it only takes from 10 - 15 minutes, saving maximum travel time for customers staying here.

We always consider customers as our families, living together under the roof of KHANH GIA APARTMENT, the safety and comfort of the members is the goal that KHANH GIA APARTMENT aims at.

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+84 931 332 332